Distance Healing Classes


Learn To Be A Distance Healer

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There is no distance or span of time which is not instantly overcome when I step into my own innate healing power. Pure love and light, activated by my awareness and by my consciously being present, guided by my clearest intention, will heal my brother, my friend on the other side of this planet, and the world.

We all have this ability. It is how we are made.

It really is that simple.

Approximately 25% of my client healing sessions are for people who live in other states and countries. Their healing experiences and results are every bit as real and powerful as clients who see me in person!

Join me for a class on Distance Healing. In this class we will:
• Discuss personal experiences of Distance Healings
• Review scientific concepts and studies that provide logical & rational explanations for how and why Distance Healings work.
• Learn how to conduct a Distance Healing.
• Conduct Distance Healings on your personal friends and loved ones.

By the end of our time together, you will have:
• A better understanding of Distance Healing
• The actual hands-on experience of conducting Distance Healings
• Real live feedback from people you know about how they experienced your Distance Healing.
• The experience and confidence to conduct Distance Healings on your own.

Whether you want to offer Distance Healing professionally or just for those you love, this class is for you!


COST: $300


CONTACT JEFF AT (615)848-8574 OR BY EMAIL, jeff@NashvilleEnergyHealer.com TO RSVP or to schedule a class!

Here’s what some of Jeff’s students are saying about his Classes:

“Mr. Jeff,   I really enjoyed the class… The class was amazing and I now know why I never became a doctor when I joined the military.  God had something else for me.  And I thank Him for that because I know the path He wanted me to follow.  Thank God for sending you my way.  You know my battles and everyday I’m feeling better and better.  Gracias, Jeff.  Tu amingo,” Juan H.

“This was a great class!  Very hands on and practical.  I really enjoyed the interaction and discussions on how the energy and quantum mechanics work in terms I can understand!” L. Martin

“Jeff is an awesome teacher who makes you feel very comfortable.  He is very knowledgeable and I feel confident leaving this course…  Obviously I believe and have faith in energy work, but I feel like I’m digesting a whole new level of it after [the Distance Class] today.  Super interesting.” T. Roscoe

“Jeff is an excellent instructor, respectful both of the practice and the students. He was well prepared, communicated effectively, offered real experiential learning and would only proceed to move on when we had understood the concepts presented. I would refer anyone to him to learn or to receive treatments.” N. Cappellino

“I think this class helped me to believe in and to understand what happens in healing & distance healing” P. Money

“Jeff is an extraordinary teacher (and person in general) and I highly recommend him as an instructor in any area of expertise that he is proficient in. He knows how to relate to all levels of individuals and is truly a caring individual. S. Bivens

“I love your teaching methods – organized & clear with quality information. The atmosphere is easy & comfortable. Location is easy to find and good parking. Thank you for enriching my life!” B. Perry

“I like Jeff’s pragmatic way of teaching…Very informative & easy going.” C. Mullins

“Jeff helped us know we can do distance healings because we actually did several in class!  I was blown away by what was possible to know about people from a distance.” K. Eager

“Thanks Jeff for choosing me to receive distance healing from your distance healing class yesterday. I could feel all your students working with my Light-body as they scanned and made corrections.  My body is available any time you need a test subject for class.  Peace, Love, and Light to all your students and especially to you…”
Alexandra Alexander (Metaphysician, Teacher, and Author of of several published books, including Spiritual Technology of Distance Healing.)