Distance Healing

Reconnective Healing® Distance Practitioners use basic principles of quantum physics to tap into the universal healing intelligence and direct it to clients located anywhere on the planet.  Distance does not limit us when we tap into “God Light”; the universal healing frequencies of light and information. I have successfully facilitated healings for clients in other states and across the world.

Clients report healings of physical injuries, diseases, cancers, pain and inflammation. Others report experiences of deep spiritual healing, emotional healing, mental clarity, psychological breakthroughs and healing of troubled relationships.*

Reconnective Healing does not require crystals, symbols, needles, poses, or a defined belief system to work.

What To Expect

I conduct my distance sessions the same as if you were with me. In fact, we can even have the session while on the phone!

At the start of your session, we will speak or email to become better acquainted. It is not necessary to disclose what you want to have healed. The universal intelligence (God) is much greater than any one person’s consciousness. You will have the healing that you are supposed to receive.

I will ask you to be somewhere quiet where you can lie down and rest with no distractions. We will spend 30 – 45 minutes working with the healing frequencies. You will feel the energy as soon as we begin. Your body may respond with physical registers such as eye twitches, muscle jerks, changes in breathing, hot & cold sensations, etc. You may experience the presence of spiritual beings and/or receive spiritual messages.  You will know that the Universal Healing Matrix is at work! After your session, we will discuss your experience and schedule your next session.


“I had a distance healing with Jeff just recently.  I have to admit that I was skeptical that it would work.  Be assured, it works! I think it was even more powerful for me from a distance.  Maybe because I was in my own bed and could relax more???  Regardless, the experience was phenomenal and I am still processing and integrating all of this fabulous energy and healing.  The morale of the story is if you are not close enough to see Jeff person, have no fear.  His energy works the same far or near!”

A Few Weeks Later…

“So its been a few weeks and I wanted to note some of the changes I’ve gone through.  First of all, I’ve since done another session with Jeff and in that particular session, I was actually smelling scents.  When I described the scents to Jeff after the session, we knew it was actually from the items he was using during the session FROM A DISTANCE.  I also had a moment of totally and completely blankness, like someone hit the reset button on my brain.  Anyone who knows even a little about the chakras, probably knows that the heart is the center of manifestation. The upper and lower chakras with a combined intent, meeting at the heart, will cause a creation.  At least this is the way I understand it.  Since working with Jeff, I totally realized that I had figuratively,  but spiritually, in a very real way, cut off my lower body and head from the trunk of my body.  I feel a deep coming together of all these parts now.  I understand why moving forward spiritually has been so difficult.  I had fragmented myself, but now I am coming back together.  I am so thankful that I found this man!”

Patrice Notaro
Washington, DC

“I LOVE JEFF!!!!  Initially I was not too sure what to expect when I had my first session with him, but I felt instant relief in my anxiety after my first session.  I have had a few more sessions with Jeff since to help me with my anxiety and also releasing my kidney stone.  I have always come out of the session feeling more aligned and calmer. 

I trust Jeff despite never having met him personally.  I have had to work with him via Skype as I live outside of USA, but even so, our interaction has always been pleasant and he is in tune with how I am feeling and has always been able to help me.”
S. Mamtora

Usually 2 -3 healing sessions is all that is needed.

Distance Healing Session: 1 Hour – $100

*Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection® is an Alternative Practice and is not regulated as a medical practice, nor is licensed by the state. Reconnective Healing is not therapeutic or diagnostic by design or intent. Jeff Crawford is not a licensed physician and makes no claims of medical efficacy, nor does he guarantee any specific outcomes. He does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All medical questions are to be referred to your personal physician. You may be fortunate enough to have your expectations fulfilled through your Reconnective sessions and you may be even luckier to have an experience which you could not possibly have anticipated. Do not suspend your prescribed medical treatments without consulting your physician.