About Jeff


Jeff Crawford – Quantum Light Shamanic Healing

Jeff is a Certified Practitioner of Reconnective Healing® & The Reconnection®, trained under the direction of Dr. Eric Pearl.  He also practices as a Reiki Master Teacher, Distance Healer, Animal Healer, Tarot Specialist, Life Coach, and Shaman. Jeff has studied with various Amazonian Shipibo shaman in Peru and through them, experienced firsthand a profound connection with the universal healing intelligence. These experiences fuel Jeff’s passion for healing, which he would be honored to share with you. 

Jeff is also an approved provider for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).  This means that Licensed Massage Therapists (L.M.T.’s) can earn CEU’s by taking Jeff’s Reiki classes.

Healing is a life passion with Jeff. His desire is to assist people in reconnecting with their life’s purpose and full potential so that they may lead fulfilling, joyful lives. Many clients are in the middle of life transitions; some just want to experience the powerful healing.

Making History

Jeff has made history by becoming the first foreigner ever to be adopted by any indigenous tribal family in Peru!  Jeff is legally adopted by a Shipibo-Conibo family and officially recognized as a member of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe; an indigenous people along the Ucayali River in the Amazon rainforest!  While integrating with his new family, Jeff enjoys the privilege of learning about tribal mysticism and inter-dimensional healing energy & rituals from his father and brother-in-law who are both highly respected shaman.  In 2015 Jeff’s father and brother-in-law officially recognized Jeff as a shaman and asked Jeff to use the synthesis of reconnective energy and shamanic energy on many tribal members with difficult and complicated cases.

Jeff with his Shipibo family. Jeff’s mother is standing to his right. Jeff’s father, who is a shaman, is standing to his left.



Jeff’s Peruvian Mother


Pictured below is Jeff with his shaman brother-in-law, Cesar, after an ayahuasca ceremony. Cesar has become one of Jeff’s regular tarot clients!


Jeff with Shaman, Jose Louis.
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Jeff wearing his cushma and corona while being inducted into his Shipibo family.


Jeff healing his father.

2015-04-23 09.36.37

Jeff heals a highly regarded member of the tribe.  Notice her beautiful falda!

2015-04-23 09.38.53