Tarot Classes


Learn to Read the Tarot & Receive a Psychic Attunement

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• Are you new to tarot reading?
• Are you seeking a tool to assist you in developing your intuition?
• Just curious?
• Want to see if you may be able to use your intuition to assist others while supplementing your income?


In this 2-day intensive class, we will examine:
• The scientific explanations and studies for how tarot readings work
• The history of the Tarot
• How to connect with the cards, your guides, and your intuition
• Major themes in the Tarot (Suits & Elements)
• The Court Cards (Who are these people?!)
• The Major Arcana
• The Minor Arcana (Pip cards)
• Numerology in the Tarot
• Yes & No cards
• How to do basic card readings (spreads)

PLUS you will receive a psychic attunement to help open and expand your natural psychic abilities. It will also help clear your mental, spiritual, physical and emotional bodies so your psychic gifts can surface and/or expand.

You will leave this class with a solid basic understanding of the tarot, as well as the knowledge and experience of having actually conducted tarot readings!

I will provide you with a reference manual to take with you.
All you need to bring is a deck of Rider-Waite Tarot cards!

COST: $300

CONTACT JEFF AT (615)848-8574 OR BY EMAIL, jeff@NashvilleEnergyHealer.com TO RSVP or to schedule a class!

Here’s what some of Jeff’s students are saying about his Classes:


“I have learned more in two days than I have learned from the many books I have read.  I wish I would have taken this class long ago.  I can’t wait for your next classes!! Thank you for your wisdom!” M. Hancock

“Thank you so much for an excellent 2-days class.  I have taken classes for many years and the reading of the cards eluded me until I participated with your teachings.  I now have a clear and practical understanding of how to read and understand the cards and their prophetic messages.  I will be back to take more classes with you.  You have a wonderful way of sharing your knowledge and the learnings you have developed.  Your pleasant manner and freely sharing knowledge makes you the best teacher I have ever been fortunate to work with.  Thanks, and the chicken soup was great! ”  B. Dillard

“Jeff Crawford is the real deal.  You enter a palpably judgement free zone the minute you meet Jeff.  If you’re fortunate enough to hear anything about what he’s personally been through, and the work he’s done to go from survive to thrive, you cannot help but put your full trust in his knowledge and care. …His abilities will make a difference for you!   The Tarot workshop I participated in with Jeff was stellar. His command and intuitive capacity with it is simply astonishing. And there’s no unnecessary woo-woo, no “window-dressing”.  He teaches you to develop an intuitive and highly personal way of using the Tarot.  He’s so good my wife decided to work with him more intensely as a mentor.   Jeff is a modern Shaman supreme.” C. Hancock

“This class has been an amazing & life changing class.  It was taught in such a manor that you can truly relate with each Tarot card and be able to apply what has been taught to the Tarot readings. The psychic attunement was extremely spiritual & life affirming ….to have my light within shine in order to bring healing to others.  I highly recommend this class to all!”  M. Martin

Jeff, many thanks for a truly wonderful Tarot class. Your very special spiritual and healing way of teaching was profound. I walked away with a strong love, appreciation and understanding of the Tarot and the Fool’s (as well as my own) spiritual journey. …” M. Grogan

“… Wow! This weekend was amazing. You are a great teacher and communicator and you should just KNOW that you are doing what you need to do. …when you gave us the attunement, I had an amazing experience of being shown all the Major Arcana in rapid order and the colors lit up and it was like they were integrating into my psychic being. Very profound. .” D. Arnholter

The class was amazing and sooo much more than I could have imagined!” C. Mullins



Introduction to Reading the Tarot

(Check the Events Page for Upcoming Classes!)

Join Jeff for a 2-hour introduction to reading the Tarot.  We will be learning: Tarot History, Tarot Key Words, Tarot Numerology, and the Major Themes.  We will also learn some basic Tarot spreads to get you started! 

$30 for participation. 

You will need to bring your own deck of Rider-Waite Tarot cards. 

Space is limited.

Here’s what some of Jeff’s students are saying about this Class:

“Jeff’s class was amazing! I went in and had never even had tarot cards before, but after the class we shared with him, I understand so many different aspects and have more understandings of the cards as well as the meanings. This class was amazing! Thank you!” Amanda Shores

“This was a fantastic intro class! I learned so much in a short amount of time and really feel like I have a good foundation for understanding The Tarot. I would encourage anyone who’s interested in learning about this amazing practice to go to this intro class by Jeff Crawford. Lots of fun!” Robin Barnes

“So glad to see you already have another one of these planned! Went to the class last night and WOW, what an eye opener! I was so lost and confused about tarot when I went in but it felt like I learned a crazy amount of info in just a couple hours by the time I left! Everything was so easy and clear and the way you structured the class made it so simple! I think everyone had light bulbs popping off all night, lol. Plus it was a ton of fun which was just the cherry on top.
To anyone who is considering this class, GO! You’ll be so glad you did. Even if you just do it for yourself, it’s worth every minute and every penny and then some!” LayNa Bolen

“Interesting and inspiring. Jeff breaks down the tarot cards to a basic understanding. Had an amazing time and learned a lot with a great group of people.” Michael Williams